Consider for a unevenly technology has impacted the various fields of knowledge in the twentieth century...The sciences are utterly dependent on advanced technologies...But what of the humanities? During this same time what has happened to them?...The scholar of literature or history works exactly as his predecessors did a hundred years before...Because no new technology assists them. No one has ever developed a new technology for the benefit of historians - until now.

- Michael Crichton, Timeline


Post-Internet Landscapes (PIL) is a collaboration between amaCollective, Juan Crespo and Enrique Tutor Torres. It is an online collection and virtual institution which explores the possibilities of .gif and meme formats as a material suitable for artistic and cultural discourse. It will take advantage of new media features through collection and archival methods and take the form of a web installation.


We are currently looking for proposal submissions of .gifs to be featured in the gallery. For more information on the project and how to apply, please download the PIL.pdf from the link below.