dontdrinkthemilk is a domino effect and a game of broken telephone.

dontdrinkthemilk is inspired by the Little Rascals; one of the earliest groups of individuals that, in 1933, were shown together as equals, irrespective of skin colour, sex or social status.

dontdrinkthemilk is exhibition-making without being confined to making exhibitions.

dontdrinkthemilk is unconstrained by defined timelines, challenging the perceived order of things. It finds its identity in reacting to what came before it and, in turn, to what will come after it.

dontdrinkthemilk is the product of amaCollective's ongoing research into the notion of Dialogue,  and the consideration of translation and mistranslation.

dontdrinkthemilk is a one night performance event, a publication, an exhibition, a party or a happening.

dontdrinkthemilk is an overarching project which will see artists, writers and other collaborators consider what came before them, in an artistic and curatorial chain-reaction.

The hashtag series refers to live events happening in physical locations.

The _.0 series refers to projects hosted on agorama.