14th of december 2014

zachary eastwood-bloom

liz miller

alexander soares

chester lusk

will robinson

the rec

amaCollective is proud to present dontdrinkthemilk#1: a one night performance event at TripSpace Projects, London.  


On Sunday the 14th of December 2014, concert pianist Alexander Soares will perform in conversation with artist Liz Miller. A series of etchings, part of the Classics on Vinyl series, will function as sheet music that can be read intuitively through shape and colour. This particular segment will consist of Soares’ musical reading and piano performance of Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune. Subsequently, sonic artist Chester Lusk will translate this musical score into a live composition with electronic analogue instruments.


For the latter stage of the evening, guests will be witnesses to a sound and visual performance produced by artist Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, in collaboration with Will Robinson, as a direct response to the performance of choral collective the REC. The event will see the live translation of two classical compositions, resulting in a manifestation of sound and projection in the space.


dontdrinkthemilk#1 will investigate the power of sound in the creation of physical landscapes and material configurations in the space. With the night focussed on performativity, collaboration and experimentation, this will afford greater access to the sphere of contemporary arts, in special relation to classical, choral and experimental music.

ddtm#1banner _JRH4153.NEF.p ClairdeLune2(300dpi) page17-1001-full Elemental Sound(1)

The REC Photo credit: James Harris

Claire de Lune, Liz Miller, 2014

Alexander Soares

Elemental Sound, Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, 2014